Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Build a drift trike!!!

Lets see how to build a Drift Trike....

First, ask yourself what skill level you're at. Be Honest. It might be a lot less hassle to buy a trike from a shop or

another builder.
What tools do you have access to. You can build one with basic hand tools, but it's a hassle. Drill press, angle grinder, lathe, etc all make the process a lot easier. A welder is obviously a prerequisite, but you can get a shop, or a mate, to weld up your frame once you've fitted everything.
Next is frame design. Start with question number one. Running a hacksaw through a BMX and welding on an axle is fairly straight foward.
Weld steerer tube on at the appropriate rake angle(still trying to find that) 15 to 20 degrees from vertical seems to be a good compromise, ensuring tube and frame are on the same plane(straight line).With a bolt-on subframe, I use 2 compression tubes welded into the rear section of the frame tube so tightening the bolts doesn't deform the frame.

A plate with bolt holes can also be welded to the rear of the frame.
With a welded on rear subframe, ensure axles are perpendicular(square) to the frame tube (fit forks and make sure they are vertical, measure from axle end on each side to the centre of steerer tube, same distance = square). 

Axles are dictated by what sort of wheels you're going to use.
M12 x 180mm High Tensile bolts make good axles for GM wheels, use Nyloc nuts and plenty of grease.
You can use M16 bolts for Kart wheels (with suitable bearings)
or machined "live" housings for either, spreading the friction to another set of bearings.
Bolts can be welded head first into a piece of pipe to form your axle
or mounted into bearings.
Stub axles are a good option for wheels equipped with bearings. They also allow you to use an "A" style frame.

Wheels pretty much come down to budget. I've seen on here PVC screwed onto lawn-mower wheels to one-off machined bling.

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  1. It seems not easy to diy a drift trike, but I want to try.

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  4. I'm only 13 and I'm gonna go give it a try with my dad and let one of my dads friend weld the frame it seems easy to do